DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'I' & 'J'

Monday, December 17, 2007

Indexing fastest searching records
Information Data that has been processed in such a way that it can increase the knowledge of the person who receives it.
Information Systems Architecture The authoritative definition of the business rules, systems structure, technical framework, and product backbone for business information systems.
Instance a set of values representing a specific entity belonging to a particular entity type.
Integrity a set of values representing a specific property of a data base that ensures that the data contained in the data base in accurate and consistent as possible.
Intelligent Data Base a data base that contains shared logic as well as shared data and automatically invokes that logic when the data base is accessed. Logic, constraints, and controls relating to the use of data are represented in an intelligent data model.
Interleaved Data data from different tables mixed into a simple table space where is commonality of physical colocation based on a common key value.
Iterative Analysis the mode of processing in which the next step of processing depends on the results obtained by the existing step in execution.

Join an operation that takes two relations as operands and produces a new relation by concatenating the tuples and matching the corresponding columns when a stated condition holds between the two.


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