DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'A'

Sunday, December 16, 2007

AgentAn application that searches data and
sends an alert when a certain situation
occurs. (See ALERT)
Aggregate data

Individual data items, data groups,
arrays, tables etc. that can be
assembled to form a whole.

Alerts and AlarmsMessages sent automatically by a
computer system when an AGENT
identifies a certain situation. For
example, if stock of an item in a
warehouse drops to a certain level,
key personnel can be immediately
AlgorithmA set of statements organized to solve
a problem in a finite number of steps
Analytical ProcessingThe usage of the computer to produce
an analysis for management decision,
usually involving trend analysis, drill
down analysis, demographic analysis,
profiling, etc.
Architecture PhaseThe establishment of the framework,
scope and standards and procedures
for a data warehouse at the enterprise
Atomic level dataData with the lowest level of granularity.
Atomic level data sits in a data warehouse
and is time variant (i.e., accurate as of
some moment in time now passed).
AttributeA property or characteristic of an
application entity. For example, the
attributes of an EMPLOYEE entity
in a business application may be:
An attribute usually represents a column
in a table in a relational database, or
a field in a file.
Audit TrailRecording of any changes made to
specific data. Details can include date
and time of change, how the change
was detected, reason for the change
and before-and-after data values.


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