DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'C'

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Canonical modelA data model that represents the inherent
structure of data without regard to either
individual use or hardware or software
Cardinalityno of unique rows divided by total no of
CellA single point in a CUBE.
Conceptual SchemaA consistent collection of data structures
expressing the data needs of the organization.
This schema is a comprehensive, base level,
and logical description of the environment in
which an organization exists, free of physical
structure and application system considerations.
CondensationThe process of reducing the volume of data
managed without reducing the logical
consistency of the data.
ConnectorA symbol used to indicate that one occurrence
of data has a relationship with another
occurrence of data. Connectors are used
in conceptual data base design and can be
implemented hierarchically, relationally, in
an inverted fashion, or by a network.
ContentionTthe condition that occurs when two or more
programs try to access the same data at the
same time.
Cooperative ProcessingTthe ability to distribute resources (programs,
files and data bases) across the network.
Corporate DataAll the databases of the company.This includes
legacy systems,old and new transaction
systems,general business systems,client/server databases,data warehouses and data marts.
Corporate Information Warehouse (CIF)The architectural framework that houses the
ODS, data warehouse, data marts, i/t interface,
and the operational environment. The cif is held together logically by metadata and physically
by a network such as the Internet.
Cube – (also Hypercube, Multi-dimensional Cube)The fundamental structure for information in
an OLAP system. A structure that stores multi-dimensional information, having one CELL
for each possible combination of dimensions.


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