TeraData Interview Questions - 3

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

7. Which two can be implemented within the centrally located logical architecture of a data warehouse? (Choose two.)

  • independent data mart
  • dependent data mart
  • logical data mart
  • operational data store

8. Which two statements are true about a foreign key? (Choose two.)
  • Foreign Keys cannot contain NULL or missing values.
  • Foreign Keys can change values over time.
  • Each Foreign Key must exist as a Primary Key.
  • Foreign Keys provide a second level uniqueness.

9. The Teradata database supports logical models because it _____. (Choose three.)
  • requires separate history and current data tables
  • stores the data for faster access
  • has the ability to perform large aggregations during query runtime
  • has the ability to perform up to 64 joins in a single query

10. Cliques are physically composed of _____.
  • gateways
  • PEs
  • AMPs
  • nodes

11. Which statement about spool space is true?
  • Spool space must be specified during creation of the user.
  • Spool space is permanent space.
  • Spool space is limited to the size of the table.
  • Spool space is used to hold the intermediate result set.


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