DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'G' & 'H'

Monday, December 17, 2007

Global Business Models Provides access to information scattered throughout an enterprise under the control of different divisions or departments with different databases and data models. This type of data warehouse is difficult to build because it requires users from different divisions to come together to define a common data model for the warehouse.
Granularity The level of detail of the data stored in a data warehouse.

Hetergeneous Environment Within an enterprise, a network of different types of servers and databases.
Heuristic the mode of analysis in which the next step is determined by the results of the current step of analysis.
Hierarchy The organization of data into a logical tree structure.
Homogeneous Environment Within an enterprise, a network consisting of the same type of servers and databases.
Horizontal Distribution the splitting of a table across different sites by rows. With horizontal distribution rows of a single table residing at different sites in a distributed data base network.
Hub and Spoke Configuration A configuration of interconnected systems where a single system (the hub) acts as the central point for exchanging data with and between the other systems (spokes).
Huffman Code a code for data compaction in which frequently used characters are encoded with fewer bits than infrequently used characters.
HyperCube See CUBE.


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