Tuxedo Interview Questions - 1

Friday, January 11, 2008

Q. What does TUXEDO mean?
A. Transactions for UniX, Enhanced for Distributed Operation

Q. And what exactly is TUXEDO?
A. TUXEDO is at least three things:
It's middleware :- it relays requests and responses between client and server processes (with or without transactions).
It's a Transaction Processing (TP) monitor :- it begins, terminates, and monitors transactions on behalf of client and server processes.
It's a Distributed TP monitor (DTP) :- it allows the transaction participants to be located on different machines or associated with different databases
Many people who are tired of low-level networking (streams, sockets, daemons etc.) use TUXEDO as their software communication infrastructure.

Q. Which companies owned TUXEDO before BEA?
A. AT&T, USL, Novell.

Q. What's the TUXEDO 'buddy' mechanism?
A. The DBBL keeps the BBL up, the BBL keeps the DBBL (and all other servers) up.

Q. How can I test my services without having to write a variety of client driver modules?
A. Tuxedo provides a utility driver client (ud/ud32) which can serve as a great test driver. The ud program can drive simple interaction and can be configured to drive complex, multi-call interaction. It's great to use in scripts to drive performance tests. It also comes in a workstation flavor (wud/wud32). Caveat - your services must accept FML/FML32 input to use ud. If your services don't accept FML input, consider modifying them to do so.


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