VB Interview Questions - Part II

Monday, November 26, 2007

What Have You Used QuestionsThese questions are used to determine the depth and breadth of experience the interviewee has.

  • What versions of VB have you used? Have you also used VBA or VBScript?
  • Have you ever used classes? If so, how have you used them?
  • Have you ever created ActiveX DLLs? If so, why did you create the DLLs instead of using code in the main application?
  • Have you ever created ActiveX controls? If so, what did they do?
  • Have you ever created ActiveX EXEs? If so, what were they used for?
  • Have you ever used Collections? Collection Classes?
  • Have you ever used ADO? DAO? RDO? Any other database engines?
  • What database backends have you worked with? Access? SQL Server? Oracle?
  • Have you ever used resource files? If so, for what reason?
  • Have you used the FileSystemObject? The Dictionary Object? Regular Expressions?
  • Have you developed COM+ components? Any other types of server based components?
  • What source code control systems have you used?
  • What versions of Windows have you used? Have you used any other operating systems?
  • What third party ActiveX controls have you used?
  • Are there any other programming tools, such as database diagramming, UML, or CASE tools, that you've used?
  • Have you developed components for IIS? Developed ASP pages?


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