Oracle Interview Questions-3

Monday, November 26, 2007

21.What are mutating triggers ?
A trigger giving a SELECT on the table on which the trigger is written.

22.What are constraining triggers ?
A trigger giving an Insert / Update on a table having referential integrity constraint on the triggering table.

23.Describe Oracle database's physical and logical structure ?
Physical : Data files, Redo Log files, Control file.
Logical : Tables, Views, Tablespaces, etc.

24.Can you increase the size of a tablespace ? How ?
Yes, by adding datafiles to it.

25.Can you increase the size of datafiles ? How ?
No (for Oracle 7.0)Yes (for Oracle 7.3 by using the Resize clause ----- Confirm !!).

26.What is the use of Control files ?
Contains pointers to locations of various data files, redo log files, etc.

27.What is the use of Data Dictionary ?
Used by Oracle to store information about various physical and logical Oracle structures e.g. Tables, Tablespaces, datafiles, etc

28.What are the advantages of clusters ?
Access time reduced for joins.

29.What are the disadvantages of clusters ?
The time for Insert increases.

30.Can Long/Long RAW be clustered ?


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