DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'K' & 'L'

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Key Compression A technique for reducing the number of bits in keys; used in making
indexes occupy less space.

Latency is often used to mean any delay or waiting that increases real or perceived response time beyond the response time desired.
Load After extracting, cleaning and transforming, data must be loaded into the warehouse. Additional preprocessing may still be required: checking integrity constraints; sorting; summarization, aggregation and other computation to build the derived tables stored in the warehouse; building indices and other access paths; and partitionaing to multiple target storage areas. Load utilities can be used for these operations.
Lockup the event that occurs when update is done against a data base record and the transaction has not yet reached a commit point.
Logging the automatic recording of data with regard to the access of the data, the updates to the data, etc.
Logical Representation a data view or description that does not depend on a physical storage device or a computer program.


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