Business Objects - 1

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1. Explain detail objects?
Detail objects are attached to dimensions, one cannot drill on details nor link on details when linking multiple data providers. While Customer ID would be a dimension, customer name, address, phone and so on should be details.

2. What is BOMain.Key?
BoMain.Key file contains the information about the repository site i.e it contains the address of the repository security domain.

3. What is Business objects Repository?
It is nothing but metadata.

4. What is domain? How many are there in a basic setup? What are they?
Domain is nothing but logical grouping of system tables. There are three domains usually in a basic setup. They are Secure, Universe, Document. Business objects are sometimes called domain objects (where the word domain means the business), and a domain model represents the set of domain objects and the relationships between them.

5. When is the Repository created?
In 5i/6i versions after installing the software, whereas in Xi version a repository is created at the time of installation.

6. Can we have multiple domains?
Yes. (Security domain can not be multiple).

7. How do you restrict access to rows of a database?
In XI version it can be done by using row-level security in designer module whereas in 5i/6i it is done by supervisor.

8. What is a category?
It is nothing but grouping of certain entities.

9. What is a Universe?
It is a semantic layer between Database and the designer used to create objects and classes. (It maps to data in Database).

10. What is an Object?
It is an instance of class, its nothing but an entity.


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