Business Objects - 2

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11. What do you mean by Object qualification?
Object qualification represents what kind of object is that, usually we have three types of object qualifiers they are measure, dimension, detailed.

12. What is the size of data base?
In general it will be anything between 4-8 Terabytes.

13. What is a loop? How can we overcome?
Loop is nothing but a closed circular flow; it can be overcome by making use of Alias and Context.

14. What is a join? Explain different types of joins?
Join is used to link to tables depending upon the data requested by the user, Usually we have Inner Join, Outer Join, Left Join, Right Join, Full Outer join.

15. What are Linked Universes?
If the data provided is from two different data providers then we can link those two universes, such type of universe is called Linked Universe.

16. What are Alerter, Filters, Breaks and Conditions?
Alters are nothing but they are used to draw attention to a block of data by highlighting.
Breaks are nothing but grouping the data without any change in the format.
Condition is used to retrieve data which meets certain criteria.
Filters are used to get necessary data.

17. What is the difference between master-detail and Breaks?
In break common fields are deleted (here in this case the table format is not changed) whereas in master-detail , we declare certain entity as a master to get the detailed information or report in this case the table format is changed.

18. What is metrics?
Metrics are a system of parameters or ways of quantitative and periodic assessment of a process that is to be measured; these are used to track trends, productivity.

19. What is a Set?
Its nothing but grouping of users.

20. What is the use of AFD? Where it can be stored?
AFD is used to create dashboards. It can be stored in repository, corporate or personal.


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