DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'M'

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Main Storage Data Base (msdb) a data base that resides entirely in main storage. Such data bases are very fast to access, but require special handling at the time of update. MSDB's can only manage a small amounts of data.
Maximum Transaction Arrival Rate (MTAR) the rate of arrival of transactions at the moment of peak period processing.
MDDB Multi Dimensional DataBase
Metadata or Meta Data Metadata is data about data. Examples of metadata include data element descriptions, data type descriptions, attribute/property descriptions, range/domain descriptions, and process/method descriptions. The repository environment encompasses all corporate metadata resources: database catalogs, data dictionaries, and navigation services. Metadata includes things like the name, length, valid values, and description of a data element. Metadata is stored in a data dictionary and repository. It insulates the data warehouse from changes in the schema of operational systems.
Metadata Synchronization The process of consolidating, relating and synchronizing data elements with the same or similar meaning from different systems. Metadata synchronization joins these differing elements together in the data warehouse to allow for easier access.
Metalanguage a language used to specify other languages.
Methodology A system of principles, practices, and procedures applied to a specific branch of knowledge.
Mid-Tier Data Warehouses To be scalable, any particular implementation of the data access environment may incorporate several intermediate distribution tiers in the data warehouse network. These intermediate tiers act as source data warehouses for geographically isolated sharable data that is needed across several business functions.
Middleware A communications layer that allows applications to interact across hardware and network environments.
Migration the process by which frequently used items of data are moved to more readily accessible areas of storage and infrequently used items of data are moved to less readily accessible areas of storage.
MOLAP OLAP on Multidimensional models. In MOLAP servers, Data warehouses directly store multidimensional data in special data structures(eg.,arrays) and implement the OLAP operations over these special data structures.
Multilist Organization a chained file organization in which the chains are divided into fragments and each fragment is indexed. This organization of data permits faster access to the data.


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