DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'Q' & 'R'

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Query Language a language that enables an end user to interact directly with a DBMS to retrieve and possibly modify data managed under the DBMS.

Record an aggregation of values of data organized by their relation to a common key.
Recovery the restoration of the database to an original position or condition, often after major damage to the physical medium.
Redundancy the practice of storing more than one occurrence of data.
Referential Integrity the facility of a DBMS to ensure the validity of a predefined relationship.
Refresh Refreshing a warehouse consists in propagating updates on source data to correspondingly update the base data and derived data stored in the warehouse. Two sets of issues to consider; when to refresh and how to refresh. Refresh policy is set by warehouse administrator, depends on user needs and traffic and may be different for different sources.
Replication The physical copying of data from one database to another.
Reporting The process of translating data to presentation formats via a pre-defined or ad-hoc queries.
ROLAP Relational OLAP. Data warehouses that are implemented on standard or extended relational DBMSs,called Relational OLAP(ROLAP)servers.These servers assume that data is stored in relational databases.
Roll up to increase or acquire by successive accumulations
Rolling Summary a form of storing archival data where the most recent data has the lowest level of details stored ande the older datra has higher levels of details stored.


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