DataWare Housing Glossary of Terms - 'P'

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Parallel Data Orgnization an arrangement of data in which the data is spread over independent storage devices and is managed independently.
Parallel Search Storage a storage device in which one or more parts of all storage locations are queried simultaneously for a certain condition or under certain parameters.
Parsing the algorithm that translates syntax into meaningful machine instructions. Parsing determines the meaning of statements issued in the data manipulation language.
Partition a segmentation technique in which data is divided into physically different units. Partioning can be done at the application or the system level.
Performance the length of time from the moment a request is issued until the first of the results of the request are received.
Periodic Discrete Data a measurement or description of data taken at a regular time interval.
Prefix Data data in a segment or a record used exclusively for system control, usually unavailable to the user.
Primitive Data data whose existence depends on only a single occurance of a major subject area of the enterprise.
Privilege Descriptor a persistent object used by a DBMS to enformce constraints on operations.
Projection an operation that takes one relation as an operand and returns a second relation that consists of only the selected attributes or columns, with duplicate rows eliminated.
Proposition a statement about entities that asserts or denies that some condition holds for those entities.


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