Business Objects - 3

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

21. what is the source for metrics?
Measure objects.

22. Why do we need metrics and sets?
Metrics are used for analysis and Sets are used for grouping.

23. Is there any bug in 6.x?
In earlier version of 6.0 they had, but 6.5 is the best version with out any bugs.

24. What are the general issues in migration process?
Alignment, performance.

25. What is the use of BO SDK?
Bo SDK's main use is to suppress “no data to fetch” using Macros.

26. How can we improve performance?
By making use of Aggregate tables.

27. Analysis in BO?
Slice-Dice and Drill analysis.

28. How can you check the integrity?
By making use of Check integrity button.

29. What are Universe parameters?
Name of the universe, description and RDBMS connection, size and rights.

30. Types of Universes?
Simple and Complex.

31. What is the use of BCA?
BCA is used to refresh and schedule and export and save as .html, .rtf, .xls , .pdf.


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