SAP HR Academy Questions - 4

Friday, February 20, 2009

1. The following is used to plan personnel development for a specific employee:
a. A career plant
b. A general development plan
c. An individual development plan
d. An organizational plan
2. The SAP Appraisal component offers the following appraisal models: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. 360 degrees appraisal
b. Training evaluation
c. Personnel appraisal
d. Management by objectives
e. None of the above
3. Objectives in an appraisal should be:
a. Specific
b. Measurable
c. Accountable
d. Realistic
e. Optional
4. Which of the following statements are incorrect?
a. Job evaluation information is stored in infotype 1050
b. Salary survey information is stored in infotype 1051
c. Planned remuneration is stored in infotype 1005
d. A budget is required to perform compensation adjustments
e. A job evaluation is required for all jobs in an organization
5. There are three types of Planned compensation: Fixed, Variable and Pay scale
a. True
b. False
6. Which of the following regarding compensation categories are incorrect?
a. All categories update infotype 0380
b. Fixed compensation adjustments create infotype 0015
c. Variable adjustments create infotypes 0008 and 0015
d. Long term incentives create Awards infotype 0382
7. In Compensation Management: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Guidelines are compulsory
b. There are three types of guideline: fixed, matrix and user defined
c. Eligibility rules determine the participation in an adjustment
d. The calculation base is the budget for increases
8. Personnel Cost Planning information can be used for: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Reporting in Business Warehouse
b. Salary budget in Compensation Management
c. Budget for Training and Event Management
d. Input to Controlling
e. Scenario simulation
9. The SAP system saves the collected data in Personnel Cost Planning infotypes 0666 and 0667 for employee and organizational data.
a. True
b. False
10. The required infotype for Travel Management are:
a. 0001
b. 0002
c. 0006
d. 0009
e. 0017
11. In Personnel Development, requirements can be defined as those skills a person is required to have in order to fill a position.
a. True
b. False
12. Select the correct statement for Personnel Cost Planning and simulation component
a. Cost items are not used
b. Data collection makes collected data in the database available as infotypes, thereby forming the basis for cost planning runs
c. Data collection takes place after a planning run
d. Released personnel cost plans are made available for logistics in particular
e. Data can be collected for employees only, and not for organizational objects
13. Day to day activities in Training and Event Management include:
a. Firmly book/cancel
b. Rebook
c. Pre-book
d. Lock/unlock
e. Follow-up
14. With regards to booking priorities, the following is true:
a. Normal bookings are accepted when capacity is between minimum and maximum
b. Essential bookings are created once optimum capacity has been reached
c. Waitlisted bookings cannot be recorded
d. Booking priorities refer to the management level of the employee
15. Jobs are used in the following application components: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Personnel Cost Planning
b. Personnel Administration
c. Organizational Management
d. Personnel Development
e. Shift Planning
16. If the Recruitment component is integrated with OM, you maintain vacancies in Organizational Management.
a. True
b. False
17. Can Attendances be cancelled in the Dynamic Attendances menu?
a. Yes
b. No
18. The Implementation Guide is a tool to help with implementing and customizing. Customizing is a method that supports the following situation: (more than one answer is correct)
a. Implementing the SAP R/3 system
b. Enhancing the SAP R/3
c. With a release upgrade
d. With a system rollout
19. Select criteria you would take into account when defining personnel sub areas
a. Collective Agreement Provision, because they can only be determined by personnel subareas
b. Personnel subareas for personnel calculation rule because this determines how the employees of a personnel subarea are processed in payroll
c. Time Management groups
d. Public holiday calendar
20. Which of the following statements are correct? (more than one answer is correct)
a. Employee subgroup grouping for CAP controls employment assignment to pay scale areas
b. Employee subgroup grouping for CAP are for statistical purposes only
c. Entries are stored in the pay scale table for each employee sub-grouping for CAP
d. Employee subgroup sub-grouping for CAP controls employee assignments to pay scale type
e. You can group together any employee subgroups that have same CAP.
21. When creating a new record for basic pay IT 0008, which default values can be determined from assignment to a personnel subarea or from TARIF feature
a. Pay scale area from assignment to personnel subarea
b. Pay scale type from assignment to personnel subarea
c. Pay scale group from assignment to personnel TARIF
d. Pay scale level from assignment to personnel TARIF
22. Which of the following is correct: (more than one answer is correct)
a. Time constraint 2 means 2 records with overlapping periods exist. Gaps permitted
b. Time constraint 1 means if a record is deleted, validity period of preceding record is extended
c. Time constraint 3 means if a record is deleted, validity period of the preceding record is extended
d. When creating, changing or deleting records, time constraints regulate the validity of infotype records.
23. What is the purpose of an information groups
a. To define the value of status indicators in Action IT 0000
b. To determine sequence of infotypes processes in an personnel action according to user group
c. To define personnel actions that are available for a user
d. A logical grouping of data fields
24. In Personnel Administration, what is the name given to a wage type stored in infotypes?
a. Technical wage type
b. Derived wage type
c. Dialog/primary wage type
d. Statement wage type
e. Which of the following statements about management of global employees are correct
f. Management of Global employees is the component used to keep track of and streamline international assignments within a global company
g. When a global assignment is activated, a pay relevant IT 0709 is used for the compensation package
h. The external person ID is stored in IT0706
i. In the process of managing global employees, the employees are active in both the host and home countries.
25. You have created several reports to be used by your personnel administrators on an
on-going basis.
What is the best method to five easy access to these reports to al of the administrators?
a. Add the transaction code of the reports to the P_TCODE authorizations object
b. Create a profile to include the reports and assign the profile to the individual users using the user compare
c. Create a reporting role for your administrators using the role menu. Assign the user role to the administrator job using indirect role assignment
d. Include the reports on the SAP Easy Access menu


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