SAP HR Academy Questions - 2

Friday, February 20, 2009

1. Personnel Calculation rules (PCR) and Collective Agreement Provisions (PCR) are assigned to which HR structure groupings?
a. Enterprise structure
b. Personnel structure
c. Organizational structure
d. Payroll structure
2. Which of the following structures are used for Administrative functions? (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Enterprise structure
b. Controlling structure
c. Organizational structure
d. Personnel structure
e. Business event structure
3. Which of the following objects are external object types?
a. Applicant
b. Qualifications groups
c. Cost centre
d. Job
e. Business event type
4. Which of the following are basic objects used in Organizational Management
a. S
b. P
c. US
d. O
e. C
5. What is the purpose of an Evaluation path in HR
a. To determines the order in which infotypes are proposed by the SAP system for editing
b. To enable employee groups and subgroups to working time groups
c. To enable one to report on structural information in Organizational Management
d. To set up a path to allow the connection to an electric communication system within SAP R/3
6. Object characteristics are maintained in infotypes. The main characteristics are: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Description
b. Object
c. Cost centres
d. Planned working time
e. Relationship
7. Sort the following steps in the correct order when building an Organizational plan in SAP
a. Assign persons
b. Create jobs
c. Create positions
d. Create organizational units
e. Create the root organizational unit
8. A person, object type ‘P’ can be assigned:
a. A position
b. A job
c. A vacancy
d. A task
e. An organizational unit
9. What are the different ways of processing infotypes records? (more than one of the following is correct)
a. Single screen maintenance – one infotype, one personnel number
b. Personnel Actions – many personnel numbers, one infotype
c. Fast entry – many personnel numbers, many infotypes
d. Fast entry of actions – one personnel number, many infotypes
10. Which of the following statements are incorrect?
a. You can restart a personnel action at any time
b. In Management of Global employees, each employee can have multiple assignments in different countries
c. Green ticks next to infotypes mean that records have been maintained for this infotype
d. Infotypes have names and 5 digit key
11. When hiring, employee data must be entered in the following infotypes: (more than one of the following is correct)
a. 0002
b. 2006
c. 0003
d. 0007
e. 0001
12. Infotype 0003 can be described by which of the following: (more than one answer is correct)
a. It contains the Payroll status
b. It is created programmatically by the system during the Hiring action
c. It can only exist for salaried employees
d. It is not created for backdated salary records.
13. Which of the following is the Contract Element infotype?
a. 0015
b. 0007
c. 0016
d. 0014
14. Which of the following infotypes are assigned Time Constraint 1 in the standard delivered system (more than one of the following are correct)
a. 0000 Actions
b. 0001 Organizational assignment
c. 0024 Qualifications
d. 0007 Planned Working Time
e. 0025 Appraisals
15. Which of the following accurately describes Time Contraint1? (more than one of the following are correct)
a. If it exists, it has to be unique, but the record does not have to exist
b. The records must exist
c. There can be no overlaps of records
d. There can be no gaps between the records
e. It does not have to exist
16. Which of the following best describes a Personnel Action
a. The specification of a function modules to control the format of the list output
b. Entries with different evaluation paths used for starting a report
c. The assignment of infotypes, in a logical order, to make up a complex work
d. None of the above
17. The title bar displays information on the current system status as well as messages.
a. True
b. False
18. Which of the following is incorrect? When hiring an employee, you must enter data in the following infotypes:
a. Planning Working Time
b. Absence quotas
c. Absences
d. Organizational assignment
19. The following utilities are available in master data maintenance: (more than one answer is correct)
a. Change entry/leaving date
b. Delete payroll results
c. Change personnel number
d. Delete personnel number
20. Which of the following infotypes are required for positive time keeping in the Time Management? (more than one of the following is correct)
a. Personnel action
b. Organizational assignment
c. Address
d. Personal data
e. Absences
21. Which are the different methods of recording Time Data in SAP?
a. Negative time recording
b. Recording deviations only
c. Recording actual times
d. Positive time recording
e. Planned time recording
22. Infotype 0050 is created using a dynamic action when position Time Management is used, and contains Time events:
a. True
b. False
23. You can changes existing or define new Public Holiday calendars?
a. True
b. False
24. If an employee forgets to sign out using Positive Time, the system will still process the working record in Time Evaluation:
a. True
b. False

25. The employee’s planned working time is represented in a work schedule. This is generated from: (more than one of the following are correct)
a. The daily work schedule
b. The public holiday calendar
c. The period work schedule
d. Planned working time


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