SAP HR Academy Questions - 3

Friday, February 20, 2009

1. The Time Evaluation driver is RPCALC00:
a. True
b. False
2. Results of Time Evaluation include the following: (more than one answer is correct)
a. Time accounts
b. Time wage types
c. Time events
d. Messages
3. Select four steps that make up the Cross Application Time Sheet Process
a. Approving Time data
b. Confirming for Production Planning (PP)
c. Entering data in the time sheets
d. Transferring time data to the target components
e. Realizing time data
4. Which of the following are required to use the Cross Application Time Sheet?
a. Data Entry Profile for recording the employee related time data
b. Number Range interval for the Plan Version 01
c. HR Mini – Master
d. The necessary authorizations must be set up for CATS
5. What are the minimum infotypes require for the CATS – HR Mini- Master, should HR not be implemented
a. 0315 – Time Sheet defaults
b. 0002 – Personal data
c. 2002 – Attendances
d. 0007 – Planned Working Time
e. 0001 – Organizational assignment
6. Attendances and absences are used to:
a. Determine pay
b. Compile statistics
c. Determine organization assignment
d. Manage Time accounts
7. In Shift Planning, requirements include the following:
a. Time information
b. No of employees
c. Jobs
d. Qualifications
e. Validity period
8. Which of the following statements are correct?
a. PA30 is the transaction code to perform Personnel Actions
b. PA70 us the transaction code to maintain Master data
c. PA61 is the transaction code used to Maintain Time data
d. PA40 is the transaction code used to Maintain Master data
9. When using the Business Warehouse, which of the following areas provides HR Business content? (more than one of the following is correct)
a. Browser
b. Benefits
c. Analyser
d. Recruitment
10. When running an Ad hoc query, the system automatically generates an ABAP report:
a. True
b. False
11. The Manager’s Desktop (MDT): (More than one of the following are true)
a. Display current date directly from the database
b. Can be customized
c. Is totally different from MSS
d. Allows managers to perform actions
12. A report can be created?
a. In Manager’s Desktop and using the Business Information Warehouse
b. Using structured reports from the SAP Easy Access Menu
c. In Microsoft excel
d. Using Ad hoc query
13. How do you administer various source systems in the Business Information Warehouse?
a. Using Personnel Administration
b. Using the Administrator’s Workbench
c. Using the Personnel workbench
14. In Recruitment, how many levels of data records are there?
a. 4
b. 3
c. 0
d. 2
15. In Recruitment, the system allows you to hire for a vacancy that has been assigned to the applicant in infotype 4002:
a. True
b. False
16. Where do you create the requirements of a position or qualification profiles for applicants?
a. In the Personnel Administration and its applicant data transfer
b. In Manager’s desktop
c. In personnel Administration for internal applicants
d. In a person’s ID from Personnel Planning and Development area
e. In sub-profiles from Personnel Development
17. Identify the true and false statements below:
a. An applicant range is based on hierarchical and functional criteria
b. Applicant status is changed using an applicant action
c. An applicant group is used to assign applicants to a personnel officer
d. If recruitment is integrated with OM, you can create vacancies in Org and Staffing or detailed maintenance in OM.
18. The applicant overall status and vacancy assignment status are one and the same thing:
a. True
b. False
19. Which of the following in NOT a procedure of e-Recruitment?
a. Attraction
b. Retaining
c. Qualifying
d. Sourcing
e. Collaboration
f. Planning
20. Qualifications can be assigned the following additional attributes :
a. Alternative qualification
b. Proficiency scale
c. Validity period
d. Depreciation meter
e. None of the above
21. A proficiency scale for a qualification is assigned at the
a. Qualification level
b. Qualification level group
c. To the person having the qualification
d. Is not used
22. Business Event preparation refers to creating the following objects (more than one of the following are correct)
a. Cost items
b. Locations
c. Time schedules
d. Business event groups
e. Business event types
23. The following can be booked on a business event type:
a. Person
b. User
c. Organizational unit
d. Customer
e. None of the above
24. The SAP Learning Solution includes the following (more than one of the following are correct):
a. Content Management System
b. Learning Management System
c. SAP Tutor
d. Authoring tool
e. Web application server
25. Career Planning is planning an employee’s professional career, where Succession Planning means looking for a suitable candidate to fill a vacant post:
a. True
b. False


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