World Wide Web (WWW) , Internet Interview Questions - 2

Saturday, May 17, 2008

  1. Layers in TCP/IP
  2. Some sites work with "" but for some sites we need to specify "www" - like "". Why?
  3. Explain "URL Encoding",HTML "entity", GET method, POST method
  4. If we force XML for web design, the browzer size will reduce. How?
  5. How does DTD work?
  6. Difference between ASP and DHTML?
  7. How to create virtual directory in IIS?
  8. Can I host muliple sites on same machine?
  9. Administration of IIS.
  10. Some questions on ODBC and internet.
  11. XML and propritory databbases.
  12. Working of ping, telnet, gopher.
  13. Some questions about cross-browser compatibility.


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