C/C++ Interview Questions - 1

Saturday, May 17, 2008

  1. What is the output of printf("%d")
  2. What will happen if I say delete this
  3. Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".
  4. Difference between a "assignment operator" and a "copy constructor"
  5. What is the difference between "overloading" and "overriding"?
  6. Explain the need for "Virtual Destructor".
  7. Can we have "Virtual Constructors"?
  8. What are the different types of polymorphism?
  9. What are Virtual Functions? How to implement virtual functions in "C"
  10. What are the different types of Storage classes?
  11. What is Namespace?
  12. What are the types of STL containers?
  13. Difference between "vector" and "array"?
  14. How to write a program such that it will delete itself after execution?
  15. Can we generate a C++ source code from the binary file?


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