Visual Basic Questions

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

  • What are the components in a standard VB project?
  • Describe Object, Property, Method & event
  • Describe form’s lifecycle (Sequence of events)
  • Variable Declaration
    Difference in
    Dim x as integer,
    Dim y as integer,
    Dim x, y, z as integer
  • Difference in Standard module & Class module
  • What are different data types available in VB
  • What are the type of procedures available in VB
  • Looping constructs in VB
  • Write a statement which converts string to date
  • What are various controls that you know in VB
  • What control would you choose if you have multiple options & you can select only one option
  • Difference between combo box & List box
  • Which is better Image Box / Picture Box
  • Name windows common controls that you know
  • How can you add or remove control at run time
  • What are databases accessible to VB
  • Describe in detail , how we connect to database
  • What are the different type of recordsets
  • Difference between DAO & RDO
  • What is transaction processing . How do we do it in VB


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