C Interview Questions - 6

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

  • How can called function determine number of arguments that have been passed to it?
  • How can we check whether contents of two structure variables are same or not?
  • How can we read/write Structures from/to data files?
  • How much maximum can you allocate in single call to malloc()?
  • How will you declare array of three function pointers where each function receives two ints and returns float?
  • If we want that any wildcard characters in command line arguments should be appropriately expanded, are we required to make any special provision? If yes, that?
  • In header file whether functions are declared or defined?
  • In header files whether functions are declared or defined?
  • Increase size of dynamically allocated array?
  • Increase size of statically allocated array?
  • Out of fgets() and gets() that function is safe to use and why?
  • Program : compare two strings without using strcmp() function.
  • Program : concatenate two strings.
  • Program : find Factorial of number.
  • Program : generate Fibonacci Series?
  • Program : interchange variables without using third one.
  • Program : s for String Reversal. same for Palindrome check.
  • Program : that employs Recursion?
  • Program : that uses command line arguments.
  • Program : that uses functions like strcmp(), strcpy(), etc.
  • To that numbering system can binary number be easily converted to?
  • Use bsearch() function to search name stored in array of pointers to string?
  • Use functions fseek(), freed(), fwrite() and ftell()?
  • Use functions memcpy(), memset(), memmove()?
  • Use functions randomize() and random()?
  • Use functions sin(), pow(), sqrt()?
  • Use qsort() function to sort array of structures?
  • Use qsort() function to sort name stored in array of pointers to string?
  • What advantages of using Unions?
  • What do functions atoi(), itoa() and gcvt() do?
  • What do ‘c’ and ‘v’ in argc and argv stand for?
  • What does error ‘Null Pointer Assignment’ mean and what causes this error?
  • What does static variable mean?
  • What is NULL Macro? Difference : NULL Pointer and NULL Macro?
  • What is NULL Pointer? Whether it is same as uninitialized pointer?
  • What is far pointer? where we use it?


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