C Interview Questions - 5

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

  • Are expressions arr and *arr same for array of integers?
  • Are variables argc and argv are local to main?
  • Bitwise operator for checking whether particular bit is on or off?
  • Bitwise operator for putting on particular bit in number?
  • Bitwise operator for turning off particular bit in number?
  • Can Structure contain Pointer to itself?
  • Can there be at least some solution to determine number of arguments passed to variable argument list function?
  • Can we specify variable field width in scanf() format string? If possible how?
  • Can you dynamically allocate arrays in expanded memory?
  • Can you use function fprintf() to display output on screen?
  • Can you write function similar to printf()?
  • Describe about storage allocation and scope of global, extern, static, local and register variables?
  • Difference : Strings and Arrays?
  • Difference : Structure and Unions?
  • Difference : arrays and linked list?
  • Difference : enumeration and set of pre-processor # defines?
  • Difference : functions memmove() and memcpy()?
  • Difference : functions rand(), random(), srand() and randomize()?
  • Difference : main() in C and main() in C++?
  • Difference : pass by reference and pass by value?
  • Difference : strdup and strcpy?
  • Differentiate between for loop and while loop? it uses?
  • Does mentioning array name gives base address in all contexts?
  • Does there exist any other function that can be used to convert integer or float to string?
  • Does there exist any way to make command line arguments available to other functions without passing them as arguments to function?
  • Explain one method to process entire string as one unit?
  • How are Structure passing and returning implemented by complier?


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