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Saturday, January 22, 2011

  1. what is software?

  1. what is representation?

  1. what is continuous representation and stage representation?

  1. what are the major difference b/w stage and continuous?

  1. can any industry apply CMMI?

  1. what is CMM and CMMI and differences?

  1. what is Specific goal specific practices and Generic goal and generic practices?

  1. what are the flow or How to work or how to apply SP GP SG GG? Which will comes under sp gg gp sp, I mean which will come first under levels?

  1. how to achieve these SP GP SG GG? What the process to achieve these SP GP SG GG?

  1.  types of testing?

  1.  which control chart will be apply in s/w? and why?

  1.  what is the process area?

  1. what is spice and tickit?

  1.  what is JAD?

  1.  what is s/w metrics and what is need?

  1.  how to gather the data?

  1. what is scrum methodology?

  1.  what is s/w engineering document?

  1.  what is task force?

  1.  what is use of SPSS , clear case?

  1. what are tools which we are using in s/w?

  1. listing of metrics?

  1.  what is schedule variances effort variances?

  1.  defect rate. Deliver defect rate, requirement stability index?

  1.  review effectiveness, QA effectiveness, project utilization?

  1. what is vss, cvs?

  1.  what is configuration management?

  1.  what is change management?

  1.  risk management?

  1. quantitative product management?

  1. DAR?

  1.  process capability in s/w?

  1.  what is baseline?

  1.  work product?

  1.  what is the s/w development life cycle?

  1.  what are the inputs and outputs of SDLC for each phases?

  1.  types of models like spiral, agile etc..?


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