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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Java's which system allows a thread to enter a synchronized method on an object, and then wait there until some other thread explicitly notifies it to come out :-



Packages act as containers for :-

Classes, Subordinate packages


Threads priorities are not integers that specify the relative priority of one thread to another.



When java program starts up, which thread begins running immediately?

Main thread


Java provides built-in support for which programming?



The ________ is similar to break, except that instead of halting the execution of the loop, it starts the next iteration.



When can a constructor be called without specifying arguments?

When there are no constructors for the class


The mechanism which binds together the code and data and keeps both safe is ________.



________ is an instance of a class that implements the runnable interface.



Expression must be of the data types :-

Byte , Short , Int


Java define eight simple types of data byte, short, int, long, char, float, double, boolean.



What modifiers may be used with top-level class?

Public , Abstract , Final


Syntax to declare a variable in java is :-

type identifier [=value][,identifier[=value]…]


________ statement in java is conditional branch statement.



Which statement used inside a set of nested loops, will only break out of the innermost loop?



In ________ statement condition is true, then statement 1 is executed.



The source for the frist package defines three classes

Protection , Derived , SamePackage


Java compiler stores the .class files in the path specified in CLASSPATH environmental variable.



Interface can be extended.



________ is the logical construct upon which the entire java language is built.



Is it necessary to implement all the methods of an interface while implementing the interface



Which loops can be nested in java?

While, Do-while, For


Float data type is useful when we need fractional values.



What all the run( ) method can do?

Can call other method, Declare variable


Variable in an interface are implicitly final and static.



Which of the following operators are used in conjunction with the this and super references?

The dot operator


The ________ keyword halts the execution of the current loop and forces control out of the loop.



What is a data structure that controls the state of a collection of threads as a whole?

Thread group


By Providing the interface keyword, Java allows you to fully utilize the which aspect of polymorphism?

One interface, Multiple methods


For externalizable objects the ________ is solely responsible for the external format of its contents.



Which are the java's control statements?

For , If , Switch


What are the kinds of variables in Java?

Instance, local, class variables


Java Operators can be divided into these groups :-

Arithmetic , Bitwise , Relational


What is an array?

It is value collection of same type of data type


Modulus operator % can be applied to these data types :-

floating Point , Integer , Character


Start( )executes a call to ________.

run( )


________ is an instance of the class.



________method starts a threrad by calling its run method.

start( )



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